Management quality assurance department of civil aviation

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Project Title  :  Management quality assurance department of civil aviation
By                   :  Arthit Somdee, Ms.Phunyisa Kuendee
Advisor          :  Ms.Phunyisa Kuendee
Degree           :  Bachelor of Engineering
Major             :  Industrial Engineering
Faculty          :  Engineering
Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2014


Project on the study of working processes of the Civil Aviation Department. This is related to the management and assurance of the Department of Civil Aviation that in each part of the work, the duties and characteristics of the quality assurance system in the process. It has a working system, procedure and good performance to work.

The results of the work quality systems critical to development effectiveness on the job or the organization. This will make the job of quality, and good management work will result in quality work or praise to the organization / department for reliability in the work process.


Keywords:  Management quality assurance, Civil aviation.


Management quality assurance department of civil aviation 

Faculty of Engineering, Siam University, Thailand

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