Reducing Waste and Inventory Storage

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Project Title  :  Reducing Waste and Inventory Storage
By                   :  Sahaphop Chaimongkhonsiri, Mr. Nathapon Puttyangkura
Advisor          :  Mr. Nathapon Puttyangkura
Degree           :  Bachelor of Engineering
Major             :  Industrial Engineering
Faculty          :  Engineering
Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2014


The state currently has a warehouse, not a regulation and not by type of product. It is therefore necessary to improve productivity in the workplace. To reduce losses to a minimum. And to determine the level of storage to fit the product, such as agricultural machinery and construction tools. Which is a key factor Who used to work in agriculture and construction. At present, the organized storage space and a marker indicating the position of the warehouse. It is crucial to rely on factors such as personnel, equipment and method of storage for even higher quality. In order to obtain a reduction in time lost. To want to be assured that the store has gone through technical control by seeing (Visual control) meet quality requirements. The need to improve productivity within the engineering department. To make the store a mess. Goods can be sent out to provide customers more easily.


Keywords:  Reduce waste, Inventory storage.

Reducing Waste and Inventory Storage 

Faculty of Engineering, Siam University, Thailand

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