Marketing in the Digital World: A paradigm shift in the traditional Marketing

Last modified: December 17, 2021
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Project Title: Marketing in the Digital World: A paradigm shift in the traditional Marketing
Author: Mr. Durjan Chhantel
Advisor: Mr. Sabbir Hossain
Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration (International Program)
Major: Finance and Banking
Faculty: Business Administration
Semester / Academic year: 2/2020


Chhantel, Durjan. (2020). Marketing in the digital world: A paradigm shift in the traditional marketing. (Cooperative Education). Bangkok: Siam University.


This Cooperative report entitled “Marketing in the Digital World: A paradigm shift in the traditional marketing” is focused in studying and analyzing the digital marketing practice in MedEx Nepal and MedEx, Thailand. The objectives of this study are as follows: 1) To study the Digital Marketing Practice in the MedEx 2) To study the different digital marketing tools in MedEx 3) To study the effectiveness of Digital Marketing in the startup 4) To study the conversion of digital marketing in sales. I joined the MedEx Nepal as Digital Marketing and Business Analyst from September 1 to Dec 30. Initially my main role was to design the websites of the company, manage the websites and update the content. Then I was handed over the responsibility of Social Media Manager where I need to plan and implement various social media strategies, their required budget for the social media promotion and websites management, analyze and evaluate the key performance indicator (KPI) of social media perform customer relationship management. In the process have to design the post and content to keep the audience engaged.

One of the main things I learned in this internship is self-learning and curiosity are the must to advance in any career. And for that, working culture is very important to quench our insatiable hunger of growth.

Keywords: Digital Marketing, MedEx, Hospitals

Marketing in the Digital World A paradigm shift in the traditional Marketing

Faculty of Business Administration, Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand

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