Research on Human Resource Management Optimization of Company Based on Mobile Internet

Last modified: May 6, 2021
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Project Title: Research on Human Resource Management Optimization of Company Based on Mobile Internet
Author: Mr. Zijian Liang
Advisor: Dr. Titanan Sun
Degree: Master of Business Administration (International Program)
Major: International Master of Business Administration
Faculty: Graduate Schools
Academic year: 2017


Liang, Zijian. (2017). Research on human resource management optimization of company based on mobile internet. (Independent study, Master of Business Administration). Bangkok: Siam University.


In the era of mobile Internet, industrial structure has been subverted by technology and innovation, and promote the continuous development of the industry. New technology such as mobile technology, the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence is about to change the world, especially for the financial industry, the Internet has brought a revolutionary challenges and opportunities.

As the Internet financial enterprise, A company needs to be stable through compliance and develop smoothly. In the context of mobile Internet, first, A company needs to raise the management ability and operation ability, in order to meet the need of the Internet financial. Human resource management is an important and key content of enterprise management, combining with the mobile Internet background, present situation and the characteristics of the management in A company, this paper studies the optimization of human resources management. It has practical value for the development of A company, improve the effect of human resource management, and innovate talent managemento.

First of all, this paper analyzes the basic characteristics and problems of human resource management of A company. Then, based on human resources development of the mobile Internet has penetrated into every link of human resources management A company, with questionnaire survey, we analyzed the effect of Mobile internet in human resource management in A company. According to the analysis results, this paper follow the following principles: people-oriented, subjective dynamic, comprehensive recognition incentive. A company human resource management optimization scheme is designed. Including the organizational structure optimization, recruitment, training, process optimization, part of the work process optimization, etc. Finally, the guarantee measures are put forward from three aspects: system, technology and staff.

The research conclusions are as follows: The effects of mobile Internet to human resource management is not revolutionary, but still is undeniable. To optimize the structure of enterprise management, at the same time, A company should pay attention to mobile interconnected to the effects of recruitment, training. And according to the characteristics of the mobile Internet, constantly optimize the human resource management method of A company. Provide enterprise with the excellent talents, promote the enterprise development smoothly.

Keywords:  Mobile Internet, Human Resources Optimization, Mobile Training, Mobile Office Automatic.

Research on Human Resource Management Optimization of Company Based on Mobile Internet

International Master in Business Administration (IMBA), Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand

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