Safety management in work station

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Project Title  :  Safety management in work station
By                   :  Montree Chumthong, Mr. Nathapon Puttyangkura
Advisor          :  Mr. Nathapon Puttyangkura
Degree           :  Bachelor of Engineering
Major             :  Industrial Engineering
Faculty          :  Engineering
Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2014


To study the safety of workers and the risk assessment of occupational health and safety. Objective to study the safety and risk assessment of occupational health and safety. The population in this study is that the workers do not wear protective equipment while working. Behavior should not perform any work. But also those workers are treated sometimes. Including smoking during operation. Working while sick the risk assessment of occupational health and safety. Found that a medium risk issues, including workplace dust in the work area. From this research suggested include two major themes: safety behavior on the part of business owners to issue rules regarding the wearing of personal protective equipment. Provide a warm up before practice activities. The dining area is separate from the work area. And the risk assessment. Owned enterprises should establish an environment to work in a safe condition. And should develop a risk management plan to mitigate and control risks that may result from the operation. The authorities concerned should be determined.


Keywords:  Safety management, Risk assessment.

Safety management in work station 

Faculty of Engineering, Siam University, Thailand

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