Study on Strategies for Cultivating Healthy Behaviors in the Core Literacy of Physical Education Subjects for Higher Vocational Students- Taking Quan Zhou Light Industry Vocational College as An Example

Last modified: November 12, 2023
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Title: Study on the Implementation Status and Countermeasures of Dance Classes in Higher Preschool Education: Taking Quanzhou Light Industry Vocational College as an Example
Author: Qingshan Wang
Advisor: Dr. Jidapa Chollathanrattanapong
Degree: Education Management
Major: Master of Business Administration
Faculty: บัณฑิตวิทยาลัย (Graduate School)
Academic year: 2566 (2023)
Published: The 14th National and International Academic Conference “Empowering Innovtion and Sustainability in the Next Normal” 27 November, pp.1110-1124


To address the study of health behavior cultivation strategies in the core literacy of higher vocational students in sports, this paper used the theory of planned behavior as the theoretical basis. The Research objectives were: 1) To analyze the current status and cultivation of health behavior of students in Quanzhou Light Industry Vocational College; 2) To explore the cultivation strategies of students’ healthy behavioral habits in Quanzhou Light Industry Vocational and Technical College.

This paper adopted the quantitative research method, based on the theory of health behavior and the theory of planned behavior, by conducted a questionnaire survey on the current status of health behaviors in the core physical education literacy of the students of Quanzhou Light Industry Vocational College, 800 questionnaires were distributed to 6 colleges’ students.

The study found that: 1) The health behaviors of students in Quanzhou Light Industry Vocational College are specifically better in terms of environmental adaptation and physical exercise awareness and habits, worse in health knowledge mastery and application and emotion regulation, and there is was lack of motivation and initiative to exercise, insufficient basic sports and health knowledge, poor self-emotion regulation, and insufficient cognitive and evaluative ability of health behavior; 2) Aiming at the current problems of health behavior of Quanzhou Light Industry Vocational College students, the following cultivation strategies are put forward: to establish the attitude of health behavior of higher vocational students and stimulate the motivation to exercise, to create a subjective normative atmosphere conducive to the learning of health knowledge of higher vocational students, to build the “health first” spirit of sports culture in higher vocational campuses, and should pay attention to the mental health of higher vocational students and improve their self-health management ability.

Keywords: higher vocational students, core competencies of physical education, health behaviors, theory of planned behavior, development strategies.

Study on the Influencing Factors of Students’ Employment Pressure of Higher Vocational College—Taking Quanzhou Light Industry Vocational College as an Example

Master of Business Administration (International Program), Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand

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