The Meeting Room Management System

Last modified: November 22, 2018
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Project Title  :  The Meeting Room Management System
By                   :  Watsaporn Sukaram, Pran Auamimpuech, Mr.Nitinai Phaisanpayak, Mr. Unnop Kangkan
Advisor          :  Mr.Nitinai Phaisanpayak, Mr. Unnop Kangkan
Degree           :  Bachelor of Business Administration
Major             :  Business Computer
Faculty          :  Information Technology
Semester / Academic year   :  2 /2017


QUiNT Corporation Company is a consult company for many businesses such as real estate, MLM and E-Money etc. QUiNT Thailand work as an outsourcing in management for QUiNT Group for example People management, Network System, System development and Accounting etc. Coop Students from IT Department, Siam University were assigned to work in Information Department for developing Meeting Room Management System for managing and accessing the meeting rooms. The system was developed by using Edit Plus Version 4.1 which using the PHP language (PHP) and phpMyAdmin Version 4.6.6 for the database.


Keywords:  Meeting room reservation system, Reservation, Reservation information meeting room.

The Meeting Room Management Systemm

Faculty of Information Technology, Siam University, Thailand

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