Website development promotional products

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Project Title  :  Website development promotional products
By                   :  Miss. Pattamawee Chanrattanasaeng, Mr. SekSan Tongmoonton, Miss. Jutamas Tanuthong, Miss. Thanaporn Rodcheewit, Mr. Eak Bamrungsi
Advisor          :  Miss. Thanaporn Rodcheewit, Mr. Eak Bamrungsi
Degree           :  Bachelor of Science
Major             :  Computer Science
Faculty          :  Science
Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2017


From the internship under the cooperative education project at 24Shoppping Co.,Ltd as a Graphic design and Webmaster, the company has created a website to promote the products by bringing products from the main web page. to promote and sell the product. Because nowadays online shopping website is popular and develop quickly day by day. Because of this, the company has more competitors. Therefore the company have to promote the products in another way to attract customers to shop at and to make customers decide to make an order more easily. The company has assigned the job to the team to develop a website and promote the product for increase sales and make more persuasiveness to make the customers decision to buy the product easier by developed from web site to apply by using the Word press tool to develop and use the Html as the primary language for website development.

Keywords:  Promote shop24,, 24 Shopping Co., Ltd.

Website development promotional products

Faculty of Science, Siam University, Thailand

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