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Grammarly Before submitting the report to the advisor. Students will have to check the percentage of similarities with other people’s articles. It’s called checking plagiarism. You have to do it yourself with the Grammarly program.


The first step. You will need to separate the files into each chapter. Name each file as your name. For example:

Wei Cheng-chapter-1
Wei Cheng-chapter-2
Wei Cheng-chapter-3
Wei Cheng-chapter-4
Wei Cheng-chapter-5

Take your files to check plagiarism by yourself at Maruay Library, 6th Floor, Building 19

In each chapter. If your article has more than 25% similarity or redundancy. You can edit by adding or deleting and compiling new words.

* When you have finished editing, select export the modified article and replace it in your original article.
Do not forget the results of each chapter. And keep your files well Send it to your advisor. And staff In case of graduation.

You will have to send the files separately for each chapter. To the library staff And it will be checked again. If more than 25%, your work will be returned. And revise again.





Plagiarism Checker by Grammarly


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