Accounting processes

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Project Title  :  Accounting processes
By                   :  Thitisuda Srisamran, Mr.Itthisak Rattanakijyon
Advisor          :  Mr.Itthisak Rattanakijyon
Degree           :  Bachelor of  Business Administration
Major             :  Accounting
Faculty          :  Business Administration
Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2015


Jaturat Accounting and Tax co., is the company that provide you the accounting and taxation service with received certified quality accounting office from Department of Business Development and the Main work are Accounting procedures , Give counsel accounting and Taxation according to the standard set and Law revenue code.
From the project field working from Siam University at Jaturat Accounting and Tax Co., this time as the position of Accounting assistance and the worked assigned are dealing with accounts such as paper work differentiation and putting the information in the Accounting programme and Work in the field added on Value add tax (Vat) so that make the producer is aware of the importance and benefit and that causes the inter est under the topic of “Accounting Processing” in which the detailed study about the account Processing such as audit the Value add tax (Vat) Document it correct according to the law and accounting procedures by use the accounting programme (formula wi nning) and reporting the Input Tax , Output Tax for the preparation filing From Value add tax return (P.P. 30)
The Producer hope that this trainee on Co- operative education project. and are ableto apply knowledge and experiences gained for practical operation in accounting profession. This study will also yield benefits for others who might take this project for their own studies in the future.


Keywords:  Accounting processing, Accounting program, Value add tax (Vat).

Accounting processes

Faculty of Business Administration, Siam University, Thailand

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