Birdge Petcare Brand Status and Brand Loyalty Research

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Project Title: Birdge Petcare Brand Status and Brand Loyalty Research
Author: Jing Ma
Advisor: Ass. Professor. Shun-Chieh Chang
Degree: Master of Business Administration
Major: International Master of Business Administration
Faculty: Graduate Schools
Academic year: 2017


Jing, Ma. (2017). Birdge petcare brand status and brand loyalty research. (Master’s independent study). Bangkok: Master in Business Administration, Siam University.


In recent years, our country economy unceasing development, the informationization level unceasingly enhances, the people’s living standard has the certain enhancement, the disposable income also gradually increases, has provided the good economic condition for the family to raise the pet. At the same time, because of the high level of population aging in the country, the change in the attitude towards marriage, more and more families choose to keep pets, pet food industry development faster, broad prospects for development. By comparing the status quo of the development of the company and the development of the brand, and further analyzing the influence factors of the brand loyalty of Bridge PetCare company by means of questionnaire, we can draw the following conclusions.

By analyzing the current status of the brand, we can find that the product innovation ability of the brand has to be improved, the brand combination is relatively poor, the lack of effective promotion strategy, the product richness and the update iteration is poor. Through the analysis of questionnaires, we can conclude that: from the demographic differences, men in Bridge PetCare brand product quality, marketing, product richness, brand loyalty to feel better than women; older people, in the Bridge PetCare brand product quality, marketing, product richness, The better the feeling of brand loyalty; income in the 5001-8000 of the crowd, the Bridge PetCare brand of product quality evaluation is better, the quality of their products have a better sense of income in the 8001-15000 of this crowd, the Bridge PetCare brand set the price strategy is relatively satisfactory, Income in this crowd of 5001-8000 Yuan, the Bridge PetCare brand of produc richness and diversity has a higher identity, indicating that higher income groups, the brand loyalty to the Bridge PetCare brand is higher, indicating that the higher income groups in the purchase of pet food than the brand of Cadbury will be more strong desire to buy The purchase of Bridge PetCare brand in product quality, price strategy, marketing, product richness, brand loyalty is worth more than no purchase. It shows that consumers who have purchased Bridge PetCare pet food have a higher degree of satisfaction with the Bridge PetCare brand, Bridge PetCare brand recognition is higher, but only through the publicity and Word-of-mouth introduction of the Bridge PetCare brand of its product quality, price strategy, marketing, product richness and brand loyalty degree of satisfaction is relatively low; the higher the frequency of the crowd, Compare the brand in the marketing and product richness of the relatively satisfied, the comparison of the low frequency of pet food purchase the brand loyalty of the brand is higher than that of the real store, which is worth more than the online, which shows that the buyer of the store has a better feeling in product quality, publicity, product richness and brand loyalty. Part of the reason is because the physical store service is better, can provide consumers with more professional advice, value-added services do a lot better than shop. Therefore, the brand should continue to optimize the operation and promotion of its shop. From the correlation, there is a significant positive correlation between brand loyalty and product quality, price strategy, marketing and product richness. It shows that the better quality of Bridge PetCare brand, the more scientific the price strategy, the more effective the marketing means, the more richness and diversity of the products, the greater loyalty of the consumers to the Bridge PetCare brand, the this paper analyzes the influence factors of brand loyalty of Bridge PetCare brand, product quality, price strategy and product richness can have a significant positive effect on brand loyalty. namely good product quality, price strategy, the richer the product, the more consumers can increase the loyalty of the brand than the company by virtue of its brand effect in the pet food industry has a broader development prospects, than the auspicious brand should take a positive response, make full use of its domestic and foreign resource advantages, and constantly develop new products, to create a new brand, to provide consumers with high-end quality products. The production of different kinds of products to meet the needs of different consumers.

Keywords: Bridge PetCare, Pet Food, Brand Strategy, Brand Loyalty

Birdge Petcare Brand Status and Brand Loyalty Research

International Master in Business Administration (IMBA), Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand

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