Research on online education development Strategy of Today’s Headline

Last modified: August 6, 2021
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Project Title: Research on online education development Strategy of Today’s Headline
Author: Mr. Wang Yuzhu
Advisor: Dr. Zhang Li
Degree: Master of Business Administration
Major: International Business Management
Faculty: Graduate Schools
Academic year: 2020


Conference Proceedings
National and International Academic Conference “Innovation and Management for Sustainability” 9-10 July 2020


Wang, Yuzhu. (2020). Research on online education development strategy of today’s headline. (Independent study, Master of Business Administration). Bangkok: Siam University.


In 2020,COVID-19 has been rampant in the whole country. Due to the need of epidemic prevention andcontrol, online teaching has expanded rapidly, while the teaching platform has been recognized by more teachers and stu-dents online. Under this background, the article illustrates relevant scholars’ opinions on the scale of online education in-dustry and the different types of online teaching platforms. In this part, we take some typical online platforms as an exam-ples. Moreover, the development problems and the trend of online teaching platforms were summarized in order to pin-point the research actuality of online teaching platforms and promote the development of them.

With the rapid development of the Internet, traditional media has been gradually replaced by new media. Compared with new media, traditional media has slow transmission speed, narrow channels, insufficient publicity, limited one-way communication and relatively fixed content, leading to the gradual decline of traditional media. Thus, a large number of news and information apps emerge at the historic moment. Against this backdrop, Today’s  Headline came into being. “Today’s  Headline” is a personalized recommendation engine product based on data mining technology. Today’s  Headline aims to help users easily and quickly access the most valuable information on the mobile Internet by recommending content based on users’ interests, a big reversal of the traditional way of distributing information. Today’s  Headline is a recommendation engine product based on data mining developed by Beijing Bytedance Technology Co., LTD., which was founded in March 2012 and released the first version in August 2012. In just a few years, Today’s  Headline has developed rapidly. According to the data published by Today’s  Headline, by the end of October 2019, Today’s  Headline has more than 800 million users, more than 240 million daily active users, and each user spends more than 130 minutes per day. Today’s  Headline is no longer just a news client or content aggregation platform. After years of development, Today’s  Headline has successfully incubated a number of products, such as Wukong Q&a, Douyin short video, And Micro-Today’s  Headline, etc. At the same time, Today’s  Headline has also continuously expanded its content matrix by investing and acquiring exciting and half-dimensional products.

Education is the foundation of a country’s development, and education is the future of a family. The rise of online education has brought new hope to education and broken the original rules. With the gradual development of AI technology, online education brands are striving to provide more smooth operation service solutions for the overall education and teaching communication process through machine-driven knowledge input mode and interactive relationship between users. In the marketing process, all online institutions and platforms can adopt the communication means that best meets the psychological demands of the current group through real-time analysis of the dynamic behavior data of online users. Even has abandoned the traditional extensive advertising channels, and adopt online users easy to accept the APP in the amount of information on the marketing mode of cooperatives, such as good performance of online education brand, and even may according to user’s research focus of developing the technology and brand itself to adopt targeted advertising, let the user see and marketing information, you need both to enhance the user feels on the application of the online education and enhance the brand marketing real earnings conversion rate.

Based on the current technical background and the basic situation of real soft environment, it can be predicted in physics and technology The aspects of mobile speed are constantly accelerating in the future life, and the close connection between people will no longer depend on In space, it also includes educational activities. Therefore, to achieve a good user experience and build an online education brand popular with young users are the details that need to be paid attention to in the continuous development of the online education industryThe topic. In addition, maintaining a high level of content product quality is also a fundamental guarantee for long-term development.

Online education as a supplement of traditional teaching way to learn, not only to a certain extent, solve the shortage of education resources in underdeveloped regions, making an important contribution to promote the realization of education fairness, it is more important even for the developed areas of education group, and the mature development of online education brand also help promote the whole society members more freedom of life and the way of learning. This paper USES a variety of research tools to study the development strategy of Today’s  Headline entering the field of online education.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship education, online education, Development strategy

Research on online education development Strategy of Today’s Headline

Master of Business Administration (International Program), Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand


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