Sales Trend of Subha Shingal International Pvt. Ltd.

Last modified: August 18, 2022
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Project Title: Sales Trend of Subha Shingal International Pvt. Ltd.
Author: Mr. Sahil Agrawal
Advisor: Mr. Worapoom Saengkaew
Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Major: Finance & Banking
Faculty: Business Administration
Semester / Academic year: 2/2020


Agrawal, S. (2020). Sales trend of Subha Shingal International Pvt. Ltd. (Cooperative Education). Bangkok: Faculty of Business Administration, Siam University.


This report is a brief description of my ten weeks internship carried out as a compulsory component of the last semester of the 4th year of BBA. The internship was taken under the organization Subha Shingal International Pvt. Ltd. Kathmandu. As a student of Business Management with Finance and Banking as my major, I opted under the department of Accounting. My designation was Junior Accountant. This report incorporates all the insights that I have gained in the period of 10 weeks. Working and cooperating with managers and executives, I learnt to approach and address everybody keeping the important things in mind. I learnt how organization does its data entries and maintains its stock and how it tries to eliminate any human error possible. During this coop tenure I have faced many problems and was able to tackle it accordingly and came up with the feasible solution. This report also details on why we did this coop education chose that particular company or organization for the same.

Keywords: Subha Shingal International Pvt. Ltd., Internship, Finance & Banking.

Sales Trend of Subha Shingal International Pvt. Ltd.

Faculty of Business Administration, Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand

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