Savings accounts get the money – pay

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Project Title  :  Savings accounts get the money – pay
By                   :  Kanokwan Noppatompong, Tasanewan Srichaiyapom, Yuwadee Wongkaew, Mr.Chaysak Lairatanakul
Advisor          :  Mr.Chaysak Lairatanakul
Degree           :  Bachelor of  Business Administration
Major             :  Accounting
Faculty          :  Business Administration
Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2015


According to the organizers perform apprenticein cooperative education at Montri auditing & law Co.,Ltd. The company operates service registration company and social security of employer and employee , Preparation of annual accounts and monthly submit toDepartment of Business Development and Revenue Department , Consulting Businessand Including Internal Audit of Saving CooperativesThe organizers do recognize the importance of the internal audit and the audit of Saving Cooperatives, the proceeds – to pay.
Saving Cooperativesas a legal entity. The implementation of Saving Cooperatives to perform a task within the scope of the objectives set out in the articles of Saving Cooperatives and Check-funded interest income. Have proof of valid And a full accounting of interest in the book, the daily summary. Check the record book costs a daily digest and accuracy completeness of the evidence and determine the pay plan or revenue estimates of the Commission. Comparing revenues that are true to plan and forecast the revenue to fund the implementation and correct it.


Keywords:  Checking accounts, Savings cooperatives, Get the money–pay.

Savings accounts get the money – pay

Faculty of Business Administration, Siam University, Thailand

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