Study on consumer behaviors and marketing strategies in Yunnan Tea Market

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Project Title: Study on consumer behaviors and marketing strategies in Yunnan Tea Market
Author: Ms. Gao Zhi Yuan
Advisor: Associate Professor Li Chiao-Ming
Degree: Master of Business Administration
Major: Business Administration
Faculty: Graduate Schools
Academic year: 2017


Gao, Zhi Yuan. (2017). Study on consumer behaviors and marketing strategies in Yunnan Tea Market. (Independent study, Master of Business Administration). Bangkok: Siam University.


Tea, as the most extensive drinks in life, loved by the public, tea market has been very active. Tea Since Shennong found its medicinal value since the medicinal, drinking, hospitality to today’s most of the tea products, planting in China’s Yunnan as the center to the surrounding transplant, the development of China’s more than a dozen provinces, the whole The world dozens of countries to grow. According to the 2016 Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences data show that: the national tea consumers about 470 million people, of which 260 million urban areas; rural 210 million people. Tea industry and the depth of the integration of the Internet is still lagging behind other industries, the current Internet for a number of simple B2C intermediary platform. Distribution in the tea wholesale market across the country for the traditional way, high-end tea sales in more than tea culture around the experience of teahouses, Chazhuang majority, and the brand tea to buy the main shop, and the face of the consumer name of the consumer The name of the tea wine shop, the main producing areas of tea outlets and other major types of tea shops and other major forms of sales of tea.

Yunnan terrain is high, the air is moist, abundant rainfall, the four seasons such as spring, the soil is rich in organic fertilizer, was weak acid, etc, these are tea growth and development are particularly like the conditions. Menghai County Bada area has a tea tree, 34 meters high, 1.21 meters in diameter, has 1700 years of history, known as the “tea king”. According to information, the world can be used to produce tea varieties of 23 species of 23 genera, which are distributed in Yunnan, there are 15 genera and 260 species. Yunnan tea to color, smell, taste, shape and superb, and rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins, caffeine, aromatic oil and other active ingredients, renowned at home and abroad. Yunnan tea to the latitude 25 degrees line is divided into two kinds, the South for the large leaf species, such as Mengku large leaf tea, Fengqing large leaf tea, green Chunma tea, Yunlongshan large leaf tea , There are Kunming Shili Xiang, Zhaotong moss tea, Yiliang Baohong tea and so on.

At present, the main problems of Yunnan tea enterprises are small and complete, vicious competition, low prices, low quality and so on. The tea industry market competition is the economic strength, marketing ability, talent, technology, management and other aspects of competition. In reality, the market calls for large enterprises with super tea brands, standardized production (cultivation, picking, processing, packaging, etc.), industrial ecological chain complete (tea farmers, processing plants, consumers). The main problems of tea standardization are the backwardness of the concept, the degree of attention is not enough, etc .; in the processing of standardization, there are mainly processing plant, technology, equipment, management and other issues. In this regard, the development of tea processing technology standards, tea processing machinery standards, tea production line standards, tea processing plant standards; strengthen the implementation of tea processing standards and supervision. China tea deep processing industry development overview is in the tea resources extraction, enrichment, separation, purification for tea polyphenols, theaflavins, etc., through functional development, applied research, derived from natural medicine, health food, daily chemicals, etc. Traditional agriculture to modern high-tech industry, modern health industry three superposition.

From the above analysis can be seen, Yunnan tea industry is now facing the industrial transformation, from the production of low-quality tea to high-quality high value-added tea products change, the Chinese tea industry enterprises in this process to achieve their own brand of progress must be in-depth Understand the status of China’s tea industry, and constantly improve their own problems, to develop a complete development plan in order to be in the future tea market invincible.

Keywords:  Yunnan tea industry, consumer behavior, marketing.

Study on consumer behaviors and marketing strategies in Yunnan Tea Market

International Master in Business Administration (IMBA), Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand

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