Using Tmall Mall as an Example to Analyze Brand Marketing Strategies of E-commerce Enterprises

Last modified: June 8, 2021
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Project Title: Using Tmall Mall as an Example to Analyze Brand Marketing Strategies of E-commerce Enterprises
Author: Miss Shen Yudian
Advisor: Associate Professor Dr. Chiaoming Li
Degree: Master of Business Administration (International Program)
Major: International Business Management
Faculty: Graduate Schools
Academic year: 2020


Conference Proceedings
National and International Academic Conference “Innovation and Management for Sustainability” 9-10 July 2020


Shen, Yudian. (2020). Using Tmall Mall as an example to analyze brand marketing strategies of e-commerce enterprises. (Independent study, Master of Business Administration). Bangkok: Siam University.


With the progress of Internet technology, e-commerce has developed rapidly with unprecedented momentum and has become a new economic growth point for China’s economy. Through the development of e-commerce, competition among domestic e-commerce enterprises entered the white-hot stage of brand competition. To occupy the market advantages in the competition, brand management of e-commerce enterprises faces multifaceted requirements and challenges.

From the definition, classification, and development process of e-commerce, this paper emphatically expounded that e-commerce, as a new business model, is an innovation to the traditional development model. Following the guidance of the basic theory of brand management, this paper focused on analyzing the brand development process and brand management mode of Tmall mall from five aspects: brand image, core value, communication and marketing, audience, and international management. Through the case analysis of Ttmall mall brand management, this paper summarized the structure and innovation of e-mail brand management. It directed attention to the fact that the e-mall brand management system is an essential part of e-mall brand management.

The research of this paper focused on not only the case study but also the comprehensive investigation of e-commerce brand management based on the case studies. The research results of this paper had a particular reference significance for enterprises of e-commerce brand management to explore international management of e-commerce in China and try to provide countermeasures to existing problems of e-commerce brand management.  This research can improve service and experience, improve credit and security, integrate resources within the industry, and integrate online and offline.

Keywords: e-commerce, brand management, Tmall, Innovation.

Using Tmall Mall as an Example to Analyze Brand Marketing Strategies of E-commerce Enterprises

Master of Business Administration (International Program), Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand


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