Withholding tax & commission

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Project Title  :  Withholding tax & commission
By                   :  Thanin Romjaroen, Mr.Suchat Theerasrisombat
Advisor          :  Mr.Suchat Theerasrisombat
Degree           :  Bachelor of  Business Administration
Major             :  Accounting
Faculty          :  Business Administration
Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2015


U&ME MATERIALS CO., Ltd as a business on importing, Selling and after sell service of “Media material.” Such as selling the material of billboard, selling the material of ink jet printer, repairing the printer etc. Be done by the position, Assistant accounting and Sale. Assigned on selling, calculating the withholding tax and calculating the commission. From this duty made knowledge about “calculating the withholding tax” which different from the income, so it much be to calculate correctly following the law. So who made it interesting to study the data and make a report on “Tax Withholding” to investigate the crash happened and is beneficial to those interested in learning as well.

Keywords:  Withholding tax.

Withholding tax & commission

Faculty of Business Administration, Siam University, Thailand

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