Topics: B.B.A. (Finance & Banking)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance & Banking)

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A Study on Nabil and its Counterparts along with Alternative Investment Funding

Handling Production and Distribution of Garment Factory

Project Management Journey of International Electric Vehicle Technology Conference 2019

Organization Management and Procurement Practice at Peoples Energy Limited

Tourism as a Development strategy in Different Regions of Nepal

A Study on Accounts and Finance of Himali Tiger Shoes and Slippers

Finance and Accounting Procedures in Public Company in Nepal

Customer Service Department of Himalayan Bank Limited

Banking Operations of Mega Bank

Client Relationship Management Through Feedbacks: A Case Study of International Sound Service

An Attempt to Build a Better Environment for Business

Inventory and Funding of LC Management of Tristar Impex

Reaching the needs of customers with convenience and quality

Internship experience at Siam – edu: Focus on the overall marketing strategy

Research/media officer at Investment Management Services

A study of the finance and account department of Pantip Park Co., LTD

Non-Life insurance business: Investment, reinsurance, and risk management

Construction management supervision, E-procurement procedures and finance management mechanisms

Boosting social media presence through social media platform at NLP Top Coach

A study of digital marketing in Sipradi Trading Private Limited