Topics: IMBA

บริหารธุรกิจมหาบัณฑิต (หลักสูตรนานาชาติ)
International Master of Business Administration

Research on Amway (China) Direct Selling Model

The study of service quality and Chinese tourists satisfaction towards travel platform in Thailand

Aliexpress’s strategic choice for entering the E-Commerce market in Thailand

Research on the influence of brand image on consumer behavioral tendencies taking LI NING sports shoes as an example

Research on marketing strategy of Chinese performing arts industry

The Study of Trans-Culture Management with Brand Business

Anslysis of the marketing problems of china merchants securieties under the background of internet financial development and counter measures

Research on the marketing strategy of Haier Household Appliance in The United States

Study on the risk control of securities margin financing business take the Southwest securities as an example

A research into the comparison between the premier league and olther European Football Leagues in Terms of Finance and Administration

Research on the influence of brand loyalty in furniture industry

Research on the influence of brand experience of tourist attractions on tourist behavior intention

Analysis of the “Made in China” Stereotypes of Thai University Students

Study on the strategy of chongqing in the construction of two belts and one road: The concept of C-EEC urban strategic alliance

The development of social media context the Millet Mobile marketing strategies

The influence of China’s foreign direct investment on the economic development of Thailand

Research on the influence of online community marketing on the brand relationship quality

Word of mouth marketing of small and medium sized cost movies in China

Research on after-sale service management of Shanghai Volkswagen 4S store

The development of museum cultural creative product based on the value chain theory-taking the Shaanxi History Museum as a case