Brand awareness analysis adopted for Panchakanya Group

Last modified: June 29, 2021
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Project Tital: Brand awareness analysis adopted for Panchakanya Group
Author: Ms. Subashana Dahal
Advisor: Assistant Prof. Maruj Limpawattana Ph. D.
Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Major: Marketing
Faculty: Business Administration
Semester / Academic year: 2/2018


Dahal, Subashana. (2018). Brand awareness analysis adopted for Panchakanya Group. (Cooperative Education). Bangkok: Business Administration Faculty Siam University.


This cooperative report entitled Brand awareness analysis adopted for Panchakanya Group” has the goals to examine the potential marketing scope of reaching out to the company’s goals and objectives with proper customer satisfaction. Objectives of the study includes: (1) To get an insight on how marketing works through analyzing the brands and promoting them through social media(2)To understand the working mechanism of the organization and its subsidiary company . Thus, this further helped me to gather the experience and familiarity with working environment to support the course of marketing specialization. With the company, I was assigned to work as a marketing associate in the department of branding. Main responsibilities are to get an insight on how business works in real world and how to interact with clients in the market, coming up with some innovative marketing strategies and campaigns ideas for promoting the product in the market in order to increase sales and researching upon the possible opportunities that could be implemented by the company in their near future.

Upon the completion of the internship, it was found that the problem was resolved by means of market research and implementing the feedbacks received from the customers. In this matter, student is able to learn more about identifying the exact market scenario of Nepalese market and dealing with the customers in real business world. This is very important for future career, development and profession.

Keywords:  Brand, Promotion, Social media, Responsibility.

Brand awareness analysis adopted for Panchakanya Group

Faculty of Business Administration, Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand


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