Factors Influencing the Consumption of Electric Vehicles in China

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Project Title: Factors Influencing the Consumption of Electric Vehicles in China
Author: Mr. Zhang Zhao
Advisor: Dr. Zhang Li
Degree: Master of Business Administration (International Program)
Major: International Business Management
Faculty: Graduate Schools
Academic year: 2022
Journal of Buddhist Education and Research, Vol.9 No.3 September – December 2023


Zhang, Zhao. (2022). Factors Influencing the Consumption of Electric Vehicles in China. (Master’s independent study). Bangkok: Siam University.


In recent years, environmental pollution and the increasing depletion of oil resources have made humans strongly question traditional cars. As a result, clean and environmentally-friendly electric vehicles have become the focus of attention of major automobile companies and even countries. In the increasingly mature consumer market of new energy vehicles, all parties are competing fiercely. In such an environment, it is important to grasp the characteristics and rules of consumer behavior of new energy vehicles in China, which will be of practical guidance to Chinese new energy vehicle manufacturers in product development and design, product positioning and pricing, and other marketing strategies. This study conducted a quantitative study on the consumption of new energy vehicles and writes this study.

This research mainly used empirical studies to investigate the demographic characteristics and purchasing behavior of potential consumers of new energy vehicles in China, using “potential consumers of electric vehicles” as the research object. The study used statistical analysis software to conduct multivariate statistical analysis on the valid samples collected, to study the characteristics of potential consumers of new energy vehicles in China, and to analyze the factors that concern the purchasing decision of potential consumers of new energy vehicles in China.

The study introduced the development of consumer behavior, the current situation of domestic and foreign research, the introduction of relevant theoretical models, the factors influencing automobile consumption, the motivation of consumers’ purchase, the description of new energy vehicles, the situation of domestic and foreign new energy vehicle market consumption, and the problems faced in the development of new energy vehicles. Then, variables and questionnaires were designed to meet the purpose of this study. In the quantitative study, frequency analysis, reliability analysis, factor analysis, and other statistical analysis methods of statistical analysis software were used to analyze the data of the valid samples. Through the study, five potential consumer concern factors were extracted. The study also found that there were no significant influence of consumers’ gender, life cycle, and geography on potential consumers’ choice of new energy vehicles, but age, education level, income, and occupation were the most important factors to influence consumers. Finally, the findings were discussed and future research work is anticipated.

Keywords: Consumer behavior, Influencing factors, Electric vehicles (EV).

Factors Influencing the Consumption of Electric Vehicles in China

Master of Business Administration (International Program), Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand


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