An assessment of ecotourism effects and strategies on the economy of Thailand

Last modified: September 8, 2020
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Project Title: An assessment of ecotourism effects and strategies on the economy of Thailand
Author: Mr. Chawalit Chatchalerarmwit
Advisor: Dr. Tanakorn Limsarun
Degree: Master of Business Administration (International Program)
Major: Hotel and Tourism Management
Faculty: Graduate Schools
Academic year: 2019
Conference Proceedings
National and International Academic Conference “Innovation and Management for Sustainability” 9-10 July 2020


Chawalit Chatchalerarmwit. (2019). An assessment of ecotourism effects and strategies on the economy of Thailand. (Independent study, Master of Business Administration). Bangkok: Siam University.


This study is intended to investigate the misconducts of tour guide operators in ecotourism business. The study estimates the effects of natural aspects, educational aspects, preservation aspects, consumptive aspects, and community aspects on ecotourism business. This study further estimates the impact of ecotourism on the Thailand economy amid these misconducts. A documentary research approach has been adopted for this study. It is suggested in the study that all these aspects to determine the misconducts of guided tour operators created a negative effect on the ecotourism industry. Furthermore, it explains that there is a direct effect of misconduct aspects on ecotourism and the economy as well. Ecotourism moderates a direct relationship between natural aspects and the Thailand economy. Similarly, ecotourism moderates a direct relationship between educational aspects, consumptive, preservation, community aspect, and the Thailand economy respectively. The value of this study is to reveal the misconducts of tour guide operators, provide strategies to rectify them and enhance the ecotourism business in Thailand. This study aims to be valuable for ecotourism business operators, policymakers and countries with a similar background to use their ecotourism resources in control measures and promote responsible eco-tourism business. This research provided a short review of previous research work done in this manner followed by the applicable methodology and the main findings of the study. Moreover, it also mentions the implications of the findings. Lastly, the recommendations and suggestions are also provided to promote ecotourism business to create positive effects on Thailand economy are present in this study for the future purposiveness.

Keywords: Ecotourism, tour operators, economy, misconduct.

An assessment of ecotourism effects and strategies on the economy of Thailand

Master of Business Administration (International Program), Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand


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