Tags: IMBA 2019

A study on the influencing factors of Thai Residents consumption on E Commerce Platform

Research on the Influence of Chinese Low-Cost Airline Brand Choice

Study on Jincheng International Logistics Distribution Service Effects Management

A Study of Customer Satisfaction and E-commerce Online Purchasing Service in China-Using Taobao and JD as the Examples to Compare and Analyse

Research on the Strategic Development of SF Express Co., Ltd

Research on Jiangxiaobai’s Brand Construct Based on Emotional Marketing

Psychological and Behavior Analysis of Consumers Under Hunger Marketing: A Case Study of NIKE Company

Analysis on the Network Marketing and Strategy Optimization of Starbucks in China

Research on the Impact of China’s Population Aging on Residents’ Consumption

Research on Evaluation System of Social Responsibility of Public Enterprises

*Pending รอไฟล์ Improving Business Event Management Myanmar Business Organization Center

Research on the Construction and Management of Echelon Talent in Growing Enterprises—Case Study on Mai Leite Nc Technology Limited Company

Ali Pay and WeChat Pay Comparative Study in Bangkok

Customer Behavior and Customer Satisfaction on True Click Life

Research on the Influence of Employee Social Network on Individual Performance

An Impact Study on Consumer Experience and Buying Behaviors on Purchasing Apple Inc Products

Study on the intermediary and regulating mechanism of paternalistic leadership on employee innovative behaviors in small and medium-sized enterprises

Study on the relationship between employee satisfaction, knowledge sharing behavior and job performance

A study of the decision of choosing Da Nang as a tourist destination for Domestic Tourists

An assessment of ecotourism effects and strategies on the economy of Thailand

Analyzing the business model of early stage venture capital firms and identifying the factors for success

An analysis of Chinese investment opportunities in renewable energy power industry in Thailand

The role of Information and communication technology (ICT) in Myanmar

A Study of Factors Affecting Tourism Development and Economic Development in Yangon, Myanmar

Factors Affecting Decision Making in Financial Industry