The future of traditional convenience stores in Yangon

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Project Title: The future of traditional convenience stores in Yangon
Author: Ven. Pandita
Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr.Om Huvanand
Degree: Master in Business Administration (International Program)
Major: Marketing Management
Faculty: Graduate Schools
Academic year: 2019


Ven. Pandita. (2019). The future of traditional convenience stores in Yangon. (Independent study, Master of Business Administration). Bangkok: Siam University.


This study is to identify the direction of the traditional convenience store business and the possibility of its business in the future of Yangon_ In other words, to provide the information for entrepreneurs that want to do the traditional convenience store business in Yangon, Myanmar. According to a developing country, it has a lot of traditional shops, and many people are still using street markets or 99% of wet markets.

But, on the other side, foreign investments like G&G, ABC are coming into Myanmar’s convenience store market. They have useful service quality, and customer relationships strategically Because of the attractive of a new product, the traditional convenience store’s customers have been losing Although this situation used to be in developing countries, furthermore, they don’t find interesting in competition with others and don’t have strategies. But it might not know how our traditional convenience store would be in the future when foreign investment would come into Myanmar. That’s why conventional convenience stores’ owners must have prepared for the future.

Therefore, for competition with foreign investors, this research will help Myanmar entrepreneurs of the traditional convenience store in Yangon. Additionally, according to developing the economy of Yangon, the traditional convenience stores will get more profits in the future by doing the preparation of technology, requirement of environment, service, facilities, and customer relationship and behavior. So, this research could help them to improve their business indirectly as much as not more.

Keywords:  Tradition, convenience store, and Yangon.

The future of traditional convenience stores in Yangon

International Master in Business Administration (IMBA), Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand

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