The Impact of Covid-19 on Economy and International Business

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Project Title: The Impact of Covid-19 on Economy and International Business
Author: Miss Raspreet Kaur Arora
Advisor: Dr. Tanakom Limsarun
Degree: Master of Business Administration (International Program)
Major: International Business Management
Faculty: Graduate Schools
Academic year: 2021


Conference Proceedings
2nd National and International Academic Conference “Innovation and Management for Sustainability” 15-16 December 2020


Arora, Raspreet Kaur. (2021). The impact of Covid -19 on economy and international business. (Master’s independent study). Bangkok: Master of Business Administration Siam University.


Covid-19 has affected the economy and international businesses and its spread has brought the global economy down. There were two ways that led to the reduction of economist activities. First, the spread of coronavirus made social distancing a norm for everyone around the world, which forced corporate event and offices, businesses, financial markets to shut down. Secondly, the speed of which the virus spread led to concern of safety for the consumption of consumers, investors and international businesses. Covid-19 began March 2020 and spread rapidly into many countries and markets. During this period, restrictive measures, monetary policy measures, fiscal policy measures, and public health policies were adopted for the safety of everyone. The findings found that due to the amount of lockdown days and the many policies that ordered by governments, had the largest effects on the economy.

Keyword: Covid-19, Economy, International Business, Lockdown.

The Impact of Covid -19 on Economy and International Business

Master of Business Administration (International Program), Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand


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