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Financial statement electronic submission (e-Filing)


Savings accounts get the money – pay

Recording payment for a new car – parts, labor cost into account program Win-Speed

Receive & take away the glass bottle to verify the original

The process buy-sale of Express accounting systems

Software Na-vision Accounting : tax invoice/receipt (payment)

Natural rubber report

The process of accounting for account payable case study : Landco sport & musical Co,.Ltd

Withholding tax

Account payable

Software Express Accounting

Accounting system of construction material business

The hospital’s budgetary accounting system and creditor and debtor account

Storage of documents of the GSB banghae branch

Study of consumer satisfaction of saving lottery ticket purchase of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives. Phasi Charoen branch

Cooperative Education Report Anti-Smofing Campaign Project Sammitr Motors Manufacturing Public Co.,Ltd.-smm.5

Customer comparison factors to consider for saving lottery product and oom-tham saving of Government saving bank:seacon bangkae branch

Personal loan handling document manual and personal loan information Project for Government Saving Bank

Document Storage by excel in Rohasuwanawil Group Co, Ltd.