Tags: Independent Study 2020

ปัจจัยทางการตลาดมีผลต่อความภักดีของลูกค้าร้านแมว เพลย์ วิท แคท คาเฟ่ จังหวัดนครปฐม

ปัจจัยที่มีผลต่อการตัดสินใจซื้อสลากออมสินพิเศษที่ธนาคารออมสินสาขาสาธรซิตี้ ทาวเวอร์

The blockchain technology and its applications in the financial sector

A Study on the Spillover Effects of China’s Monetary Policy on Thailand and the Belt and Road Initiative

Chemicals Sales Management and Business Strategy in Green Supply Chain the Case Study of Shandong Jiangyuan Chemical Co., Ltd

Special Agricultural Products of Shanxi Lecuntao Company Research on E-commerce Marketing Strategy

Research on the Implementation Effect of Financial Strategy in The Transformation of Shanxi Coking Co., Ltd

Research on the Correlationships Between Customer Management and Performance — A Case Study of Xue Er Si

Research on the Influencing Factors of Organizational Culture on Turnover Intention – A Case Study of Samsung China Group

Research on Inventory Management of B2C E-Commerce Company – A Case Study on Jingdong Mall

Research on Employee Loyalty Issues and Influencing Factors in Private Enterprises – A Case Study of Shengyuan Communication

Research on Risk Management of Shanxi Bank and Its Enlightenment to Chinese Family Business Management

The Effect of Job Motivation on Job Satisfaction, the Moderating Role of Extraversion: A Case Study of Employees in the Ministry of Information and National Guidance in Somalia


The problems and countermeasures of human resource management in Chinese private enterprises —Study on JIANGSU China Construction Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd

Inbound Tourism–A Case Study of Bangkok

Research on Multinational Corporations’ Investment Strategies in China’s Agriculture: A Case Study of Thailand’s CP Group

World without Hunger as a Sustainable Challenge of XXI Century

The Key Sustainable Resource for the Companies Value – Intangible Assets

The Impact of Mobile Payments on Commercial Banks in China

Research on the Problem of Brain Drain in Enterprises: A case study of Huaxi Construction Group Co., Ltd

A Study of the Consumption Tendency of Chinese Traditional Calligraphy Works by Thai-Chinese

The impact of intergenerational inheritance conflicts on innovation investment of Chinese Family Business

The Marketing Strategy of ‘We Media’ in 5G Era in China

The Marketing Strategy of Digital Music Platforms in the Digital Era